The Nighttime Novelist...accomplishes more in about 240 pages than a dozen other "how to write" or "craft your novel" books have ever done.

--Helen Gallagher/Blogcritics





Franz Kafka was an insurance agent. William Faulkner was a postmaster. Stephen King taught high school English, John Grisham was an attorney, and Toni Morrison worked in publishing. Though romantic fantasies of the writing life don't often include a day job, the fact is that most writers have one.

If you find yourself among them, stealing moments late at night, early in the morning, or on your lunch break to write, The Nighttime Novelist is your guide--on call any hour to help.  Divided into quick mini lessons to make the most of your precious writing time, this book offers:

  • Technique instruction that breaks down the elements of the novel--from crafting your protagonist to successful plotting and pacing
  • Hurdle lessons that help you anticipate and overcome roadblocks, so you can keep your productivity and your story on track
  • Going Deeper explorations that provide guidance on the more nuanced aspects of storytelling, so yo can take your work to the next level
  • Try It Out assignments and more than 25 interactive worksheets that help you apply the lessons to your own project
Whether you're just beginning your novel, wondering how to navigate its middle, or bringing it to a close, you'll find the instruction, exercises, and support you need to keep your novel moving forward every time you sit down to write.

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